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How does it work?

Adversarial court proceedings with their inherent litigation risk can be very stressful and expensive.  Commercial mediation services by Farnham Mediation are swifter, less stressful and less expensive. Before the first session, each party will have provided a position statement to the mediator on a confidential basis to be disclosed only if authorised. Our mediation process can bridge positions which appear entrenched, provided parties are committed to reaching a mutually acceptable agreement.

Most commercial mediations last less than a day. The mediation starts with a joint session between the mediator and the parties, who may have their solicitor or counsel. Then the parties separate and the mediator will speak to each on their own throughout the day to help the parties work towards a settlement.

Farnham Mediation’s Commercial mediators are experienced barristers and solicitors. A majority of cases can be resolved in a day.

“We were given a genuinely Rolls Royce service by a top class mediator. Henry Minto is a highly skilful and experienced practitioner and the client was very very fortunate to have such a distinguished mediator.”

John Critchley, Field Court Chambers

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Image of Henry Minto – Commercial Mediator


Henry is a former commercial property solicitor with 30 years’ experience advising clients. He trained as a mediator with the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators in 2009.

He has developed a flourishing mediation practice ranging from partnership disputes to boundary and inheritance cases. Clients include a national power and gas company, a London law firm and a health insurance group. Henry offers mediation, including by telephone, throughout the UK.


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Corporate mediation is priced case by case, but many cases can be resolved in a full day.

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Mediators provide a neutral environment to explore options clearly backed by a wide legal experience. Psychologist and mediators provide the service for all aspects of a relationship breakdown at work.