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Talks for Solicitors

What really happens in Mediation?

Have you ever wondered what on earth goes on in the mediation room? Farnham Mediation now offer a one hour talk with interactive Q&A that has been well received by a major London Solicitors firm, and we are now offering more widely. We can also cover our new service: Child Inclusive Mediation. The session can be tailored to specific points of focus. The session can also run as a Zoom seminar.

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Fee = £250 (no VAT) + Travel

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Farnham Mediation has a network of over 50 experienced trainers with backgrounds in law, industry and psychology.
We offer 1:1 coaching and skills based training in the following areas:

  • Communication

  • Creative Problem Solving

  • Mediation and Conflict Management

  • Positive Influence

  • Group Dynamics

Farnham mediation also offer in-house training and consulting. We specialise in work where new teams are forming, or where the team needs to find new ways of working effectively together.  

Training courses are run on demand. If you are interested in learning more, please complete the form below.

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    Meet your trainers

    Image of John Hughes


    John is a trainer and mediator with Farnham Mediation. He studied Physics at Cambridge before working in Oil Exploration. John then joined PwC, where he has worked as a leadership trainer across industries and sectors. He is a keynote speaker on ‘positive influence’ and ‘working with difference’. John is researching Extreme Creativity at UCL in order to uncover breakthrough approaches to problem solving. He continues to work as an associate with The Difference, a group dedicated to complex multi-party problem solving.

    “John is able to work with large groups in a natural style and present information and ideas in ways that are easy to apply. I have experienced John as a keynote speaker, a retreat leader and in various 1:1 conversations. He is a supremely clear communicator and well versed in what works in the field of leadership – specifically soft power, influence and communication.”
    Senior Diplomat & Former Ambassador, FCO.

    “John worked with an international leadership group over an intensive two day summit. He worked on the group dynamic first and then helped us develop a new strategy. We achieved results that I had not thought possible, including annualised savings of $1m.”
    Partner, Professional Services.

    Corinna Schiffer - Family mediation


    Corinna has taught Law at Reading University and Advocacy on The Bar Vocational Course. She has also practised at the bar and conducted hundreds of mediations. Corinna has designed a wide range of materials to share her wide experience in mediation and Law. Corinna is able to visit legal practices or companies and discuss what would be useful before designing bespoke training material.

    Image of Sarah Wiesendanger


    Sarah’s work revolves around her passion for language, how verbal and body language can be used to enable people to develop more effective and fulfilling relationships at work and at home. She helps people to discover that they can refine and define the way that they relate within the world. Sarah has worked as a psychotherapist at The Royal Surrey County Hospital and with PTSD Resolution, supporting military veterans through recovery from trauma. She was educated at The Royal Ballet School before studying English Literature at Bristol University. Sarah is able to develop role-play to allow different approaches to be experienced. Sarah has trained with the Human Givens Institute.

    Image of Ben Smithies


    Ben has experience as an organisation and personal change consultant, family psychotherapist, coach, social worker and mediator. He is currently training as a family mediator and brings a breadth of experience to this work. Ben uses a solution-focused approach to his work which is characterised by building on resources clients bring with them, looking to the future and creating maximum impact with minimum intervention.

    Waverley Abbey House
    Inner Temple

    All material will be in a workbook, followed up by further electronic information


    Training costs include all meals, material, guest speakers and accomodation.
    Programmes: £600-£900 per day
    Coaching: £900 for a series of 6×90 minutes or £200 for single 90 minute session

    Programmes are run on demand

    Our mediators have trained Barristers and Corporate Executives on a wide range of programmes with legal and psychological content. Our programmes are open to all

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